An Ecumenical Shared Ministry is a community of Christians of more than one denomination worshipping and serving God in a united way.  Since 1971, St. Mary’s has been a Shared Ministry of the Anglican and United Churches, part of the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay and the Kamloops-Okanagan Presbytery of the United Church.

A common misconception is that our church is composed of two congregations, each grounded in its denominational tradition, worshipping and ministering separately. In fact, we are a single congregation that worships and ministers together, welcoming all who seek a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ. A single clergyperson ministers to the congregation as Incumbent and may be of either Anglican or United Church background.

As a community of people who come from different church expressions of the Christian faith, we believe that our ministry together is a witness to the essential unity of all who call themselves Christians, putting aside divisions and living out a call to be one in Christ.  By drawing on the richness of two church traditions we are provided the opportunity to grow in our understanding of the Christian faith and live out God’s love in the midst of our community in meaningful ways.